Vote no on new leash law and enforcement funding


To the Editor:

I love going to the West Tisbury town website and reading, “We continue to retain much of the rural atmosphere and neighborly sense of community that made us notable.”

I moved here a year ago from Vermont, where I experienced the “neighborly sense of community” for 40 years. I am not sure why folks cannot come together to discuss and come up with a solution to address unruly dogs without a dogmatic law and excessive funds to enforce the law ($15,000). In fact, it seems to me that there are laws in place to protect our citizens against unruly and dangerous dogs.

I am deeply disappointed about how dog control has transpired over the last six months. A ban on dogs at Lambert’s Cove Beach during the summer passed by three votes at a poorly attended special town meeting in November. No provisions (money or plan) to enforce this ban were made by the town at our regular town meeting in April, where the ban was partially rescinded, allowing dogs and their owners to walk the beach in the mornings.

Now the town has called a special town meeting again on June 5, to vote on a severe leash law for all of West Tisbury and excessive funding. I encourage the people of West Tisbury to come to the town meeting to express their opinions and vote down article two (the new leash law) and articles five through eight (funding for enforcement).

Berta Geller

West Tisbury