Welcome to Edgartown sign ignites heated online comment


A story published May 30 on mvtimes.com, “Beautification committee welcomes all to Edgartown,” described a new, carved wood sign erected at the Triangle in Edgartown.

Fresh plantings surround the sign, created by Oak Bluffs woodcarver and signmaker Joe Uranker. The welcome creation appeared just before Memorial Day weekend on a formerly nondescript traffic island, at the busy junction of Beach Road and Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road.

The sign’s appearance concluded a three-year project by the town’s beautification committee. “I think it creates a beautiful island to welcome our visitors to Edgartown,” committee chairman Anne Vose told The Times.

The entire effort appeared to be an uncontroversial community story. But The Times has learned that gauging what has the potential for controversy is a tricky and deflating business.

What’s in a sign? Apparently, more than we thought, to judge from the more than 40 comments received in the two days following publication, a sampling of which follow, lightly edited for clarity and suitability for publication in a community newspaper.


Personally I think it looks dumb.

Edgartown is naturally beautiful. Cleaning up trash on the streets and cracking down on drunks tossing empties is the way to keep it that way. A cheesy sign does not help in my opinion.

LocalOpine 1

You are so right about cleaning up the town. I walked with an Edgartown friend recently. The town is filthy! So many streets do not have the proper painting on them, such as STOP, the roadsides are littered with cans, butts, used condoms (yes, saw two myself), paper cups, candy wrappers, used tampax (yes, again saw one myself), tissue, cigars, broken glass and more.It may have been a good idea to have paid for your sign from the Highway dept. head’s salary! Edgartown used to be pristine. What has happened?


Money to burn. It would have been put to better use to help residents get rid of their junk. How about a free tv day at the dump, followed by a free computer and printer day. Thats something we all could get behind.


$4500? For that sign? Only on Marthas Vineyard….The Island of fantasy pricing..especially houses!

Thomas Hodgson

You try making a sign like that. Buy the materials. Have you priced gold leaf lately? Then add up your time. All of it that went into the job. Cover your overhead, pay your taxes and insurance. Add a little for profit, if you’re lucky and the job went well. Once you’ve done that, you won’t think that sign was so expensive. If you haven’t, then do a little investigating, and learn what goes into making a sign.Sign making is a skilled trade that takes years to learn.


The point isn’t what the sign is worth. It’s did we need a 4500.00 sign. That and all the shenanigans that go along with it. Irrigation, plants, sod ,lights etc. Maybe we could put in a few holes and open a mini golf course there.


Grapes instead of a Whale?The official Town of Edgartown web site talks of it’s history of a whaling community..times are a changing


Apparently there aren’t enough of us left to remember that and no one thought to ask. The back is ugly too but heck who cares once you are leaving. Right?


you won’t even see the back once the shrubs grow in.


When that shrub grows in, you won’t see the traffic in the other lane either.


Maybe Edgartown is where the grapes of wrath are stored.

Ryan Joyce

This is why we can’t have nice things!


Man, summer is just starting and the attitudes are in full bloom on this page. Why so much anger from the locals? I think it’s just fine and adds a bit of detail to that intersection. I am dismayed by the time line to accomplish this project. Three years seems a little much. Was this a DRI project? Keep smiling people, Columbus day is still a long, long, long, way away.


It’s not even the beginning of Edgartown. You are going to confuse alot of tourists. Not to mention its already hard enough looking in all directions there for other traffic (motorized or otherwise). I don’t think this one was thought through. The flowers would have been enough. It’s actually kind of cheesy.


Just another sign. Sign pollution is rampant on this island. Look at all the signs in the background. Stop sign, Heart Safe sign and the street sign. Put up a sign that says the distance to France, Italy, Falmouth and New York.


I think the plantings and sign look nice and the Beautification Committee should be proud. However, (you knew that was coming) I fear the $4500.00 sign will become a weekend visitor’s souvenir and be hanging over their bar at home in Somedump, NJ by the end of summer. Remember when we had town signs at the border between OB and EDG?


Great, It looks so nice blocking the drivers clear view of the oncoming traffic from the other direction at the stop sign. Now tear it up for the new roundabout and lane widening project that will create two inbound lanes until Cannonball park, forever curing the traffic problems there. The flowers are very nice, but the sign is pompous overkill in my opinion. (The sign could be moved to the corner of Cannonball park. It would be logically safe there, without blocking traffics line of sight and the flowers should be able to be preserved inside the future roundabout)


What a bunch of whiners. You guys would complain about someone curing cancer.