For 20 years, Edgartown has loved espresso

Espresso Love in Edgartown celebrated its 20th anniversary on Wednesday, June 6. — Photo by Michelle Williams

On Wednesday, June 6, Espresso Love celebrated 20 years of selling coffee in Edgartown. Carol McManus first opened the hometown coffee shop on June 6, 1992, in the Harbor View Hotel.

Ms. McManus said she decided to open a coffee shop after seeing an episode of “20/20” showcasing coffee shops in Seattle. She was new to the trade. “I thought if I can cook and bake for five kids, I can make coffee and breakfast for others,” she said in a phone interview with The Times on Wednesday.

The idea for the name “Espresso Love” came from a Dire Straits song of the same name.

Originally, Ms. McManus set up shop inside the Harbor View Hotel, but after the shop became popular, she moved to the current location behind the Dukes County courthouse in April, 2001.

In 2011, she opened another Espresso Love in the financial district of Boston.

“It’s basically the same thing,” Ms. McManus said. “A lot of people from the Vineyard come to Boston and they can get the same cup of coffee in Boston now.”

Though she has opened a new location, and expanded the menu, now offering soup, sandwiches, and alcoholic beverages, Ms. McManus said she has kept to her original plan; providing good coffee and a calm environment to her customers.

On the day of the anniversary, the Edgartown coffee shop was anything but calm. To celebrate, the shop gave away free coffee, a deal which attracted many.

When asked how many she served coffee to on Wednesday, operational manager Victoria Zaytas said, “A lot. We didn’t expect it but I guess it spread all over the Island. I think we’ve served around, possibly, 1,500 people.”

For summers to come, Espresso Love hopes to spread the love one cup of coffee at a time.

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