Not near me, please


To the Editor:

My comment is in reference to the article [In about face, FARM Institute agrees to antenna in Katama silo, May 30] on the installation of cell towers inside the silo on the Katama Farm property. I am with Kathy Cerick. I live behind the silos, in close proximity for 30 years.The money gurus want you to believe that there is nothing hazardous with electromagnetic radiation (microwave ring a bell?). Does radiation sound safe to you? Would you like to be sitting under one? I thought too many x-rays of the body can cause cancer. Sitting for lengths of time in natural radiation, the sun can cause cancer, etc. And microwaves don’t? Sounds like an oxymoron to me.

You do not have to be a scientist to know that radiation is not good for you. There are studies. You can investigate yourselves. You’ll get the idea. Supposedly (not sure) Boston and Harvard University Schools of Public Health have called cell phone towers a radiation hazard.

What’s comical is we all want solar panels, organic meats and veggies, recycling, and beautiful gardens, blah blah, and we turn our backs on the invisible danger.I do not want a cell tower in my backyard.

Maria Gilsenan


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