Cabral sponsors terrorism


To the Editor:

Doug Cabral’s June 14, 2012 column, At Large, is disingenuous, at best. It is what Doug Cabal doesn’t tell you that is the real news story.

I condemn, for a very simple reason, anonymous attacks on members of our community, which Mr. Cabral continues to sponsor. It is form of terrorism when masked writers use the newspapers to spread their propaganda. For example, a neo-nazi group, under a pseudo name like GreenEarth, could be entering a negative and false online commentary from a remote headquarters in Argentina, on a Jewish candidate for office on Martha’s Vineyard, and Mr. Cabral would print that, claiming 5th Amendment [sic] rights.

But Mr. Cabral has escalated his vicarious opinions beyond 5th Amendment [sic] rights. Those of us, and there are many, that have questioned his promotion of anonymous attacks have all been censored from entering any further online comments condemning his tactics. Mr. Cabral still allows the terrorist to have free reign in his online newspaper, but censors those of us, with names, who condemn this practice.

I do not wish to criticize The Times. It is a needed community-based newspaper with a dedicated and sincere staff, but I am hoping the readers, and the staff of The Times will convince Mr. Cabral to finally eliminate anonymous and unverified online attacks on members of our community.

Paul D. Adler

West Tisbury