Thank you, Andres


To the Editor:

On July 8, the Edgartown Library Foundation will host its Fourth Annual Legacy of Learning event. This year we asked students at the Edgartown School to create posters that express how each feels about our library. Many beautiful posters were created, but one student “wrote” a poster instead. I’d like to share his words with you.

“The Edgartown Public Library is really important to me. I go there lots of times because I love the library. Everyone there is so nice, they give us popcorn, lemonade, and they give us free education. My whole family loves the library. My mother loves the workers, my older brother loves the books, my younger brother loves the kid section, my dad loves the peace and quiet, and I love the generosity of the whole place.

“If the library ever closes, I’ll be devastated. If the library needs money to stay open, you can count on me to give you all the money I have. The library also gives free education for kids and adults, it gives you everything you need, from free education to free entertainment, and it even gives you healthy snacks. The library is the best place in the whole Island, it has peace and quiet, fun and games, and if you’re looking for a good book depend on the library to provide you with that book. But best of all, the workers treat you with respect, as if you’re their family. The library wouldn’t be anywhere without the workers that take care of it and work their hardest every day. Thank you for giving us the joy of having the privilege of having this library.” – Andres Garcia

Thank you, Andres. This is what a Legacy is – a great idea, brought to fruition, that benefits all, generation to generation.

Susan L. Cahoon

Edgartown Library Foundation