In good hands when you need a hand


To the Editor:

On a recent early Sunday morning, at 1am, I had a health issue for which my husband had to call 911. Within five minutes, the ambulance from Edgartown was at our door. We were greeted by the three men on duty, Jake, Paolo, and Andy, who immediately administered the necessary medical tools to help me feel better, calm me down, and they were, in general, there to do what they were trained to do — help someone who needed immediate medical attention. They were not only professional but knowledgeable, asked all the right questions, and most of all, caring, and worked with great skill.

Edgartown is blessed to have them in our town, on the EMT staff, and most of all, to know that we are in good hands at all times when in need of help. Thank you so much.

Susan Lamoreaux