Skyla Harthcock designs winning Tisbury Street Fair tee-shirt

Skyla Harthcock holds up her winning design for a Tisbury Street Fair tee-shirt. Tisbury firefighter Gary Buckley presented Skyla with her prizes on the last day of school. — Photo courtesy of Whitney Burke

A tee-shirt to commemorate the Tisbury Street Fair on Sunday, July 8, features an original drawing by Skyla Rose Harthcock, a student entering the fifth grade at the Tisbury School.

The Tisbury Firefighters Association (TFA) will sell the tee-shirts for $15 apiece at the fair. Funds raised will go towards scholarships for high school students, financial assistance for injured fire fighters and their families, and community outreach activities.

Skyla won the second annual Street Fair tee-shirt design contest sponsored and held by the TFA at Tisbury School in February. The participants included fourth-graders in teachers Pam Herman’s and Veronika Van de Geer Buckley’s classes.

Skyla received tee-shirts for herself and her family and a $25 gift certificate from Bunch of Grapes bookstore. Tisbury firefighter Gary Buckley presented the prizes in a ceremony at Tisbury School on June 19. Designs by runners-up in the contest will be on display at the street fair.

Skyla, age 10, lives in Tisbury with her mother Kayla Pachico, her mother’s boyfriend, Glenn Pinkham, who is a lieutenant in the Tisbury Fire Department, and his children, Silas and Desmond.