Fuel spills into Oak Bluffs harbor after pipe ruptures

Steve Myrick

Updated July 5, 2:40 pm.

Oak Bluffs firefighters, police and members of the harbormaster’s department responded to a report of a gasoline spill in the harbor, at about 5 pm, Wednesday. First reports were that a pipe that supplies a gas pump at the end of Church’s Pier ruptured, releasing fuel into the water.

In reports filed with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental protection, local officials estimated the amount of fuel spilled at 15 gallons.

Cleanup crews used chemical dispersants and absorbent mats to sop up the gasoline.

The spill left a strong odor of gasoline hanging over the area. Police cordoned off the sidewalk in front of Nancy’s snack bar but did not ask people to leave the area. Police did ask boaters not to start their engines while the cleanup took place.