Amazing contribution


To the Editor:

I thank and acknowledge the amazing musicians from the band Good Night Louise for donating their talent and time on the Habitat for Humanity Fireworks Cruise July 4. Asked with little notice for an outright contribution of their entire holiday, their answer was a quick and resounding “Well, yes.”

The people who chose to spend their July Fourth supporting Habitat for Humanity were given a rare treat as Good Night Louise played without a single break to the breathtaking lights of a perfect Vineyard sunset and right on through to the spectacular display of Edgartown fireworks. They easily provided something for everyone on board, rocking a unique variety of country, blues, and original music.

They conjured a circle of children who danced from the first chord to the last — played by Stuart Gardner, who could only be silenced by the rough water. They were at once consummate professionals and gracious hosts, as they invited eager crowd members up on stage to sing a few of their own favorite songs, making the night intimate and unforgettable.

So, Shawn Barber, Stuart Gardner, Elissa Turnbull (on the Goldtone Banjo), Rob Myers, Larry Laverdure, Geordie Gude, and Ted Perry — thank you for your generosity and your music and your time and your whole general vibe. You were all amazing, and I could not be more grateful for your service.

Jennifer Powers

West Tisbury