A memorial service for Phyllis Conway will take place at the Chilmark Church on Saturday, July 14, at 11 am. Sadly, Phyllis passed away at the end of May before being able to see that the pipe organ in the church was completed. The family decided to wait to celebrate her life until the organ was completed. What a kind and thoughtful gesture, which I am sure she would have appreciated.

This will be a busy week for the Conways. Bob will celebrate his 89th birthday on July 16. He plans to celebrate the day with a Katama bi-plane ride, provided the weather cooperates. I will certainly keep my fingers crossed.

Don Hurley is back in town and is right back in the thick of things with longtime friend Wesley Cottle. Golf, lunching at Farm Neck and gallivanting around town always make the list when these two chums are together. What a laugh they bring me when they stop in. I was lucky enough to snap a photo of the dynamic duo as they looked out over Menemsha Harbor.

Trevor Maciel, newly appointed assistant warfinger, recently was awarded a commendation from the selectmen for a heroic and selfless act. A man was fiddling with the engine on his inflatable dingy alongside Dutcher Dock when it somehow got the best of him and knocked him overboard. I looked out the upstairs window at the Texaco to see the man in the water hanging onto the the side of his little dinghy as it spun in small, fast, tight circles. He was clearly in danger. If he lost his grip, the propeller could have done some serious damage. Trevor leaped over rafted boats and managed to stop the dinghy and lend a hand to the man whose name I do not know. I think of all the teenagers who work around the harbor as my kids. I am truly proud of this one and his act of heroism. Clearly, the town is proud, too.

It was a busy week in my house. My mother, Diana Lees, visited with my niece Piper Hadley. While with us, Piper celebrated her 11th birthday with a trip to the Peanut Palace, also known as Offshore Ale, and the Game Room. It was an 11-year-old’s delight. Also resting their heads at my house were my aunt, Wendy Broker, from Conway, New Hampshire, and cousins Jennifer, Jack, and Sam Wheeler of Dallas, Texas. Coincidentally, Sam also celebrated his birthday while here with us. His nine-year-old dream was mozzarella sticks from the Bite, an ice cream from the Texaco and some time catching crabs along Dutcher Dock — three requests we easily complied with.

The Slater house was also a full one. Chris, Caleb, and Celia Slater were down for some adventure. They were joined by Sarah, Aaron, Scott, and Jack Bennett. Cousin love filled Herb and Jane’s Basin Road home this week along with sand from the beach and the smell of fish from the boating adventures.

Scott, Jennifer, and Stella Frank have returned to their Chilmark home for the summer. Daughter Sophia is interning in Paris. Son Lukas is touring with his band, Kitten. What adventurous lives they are leading. Jennifer celebrates her birthday this week. Along with receiving a whole lot of love and affection from Scott and Stella she will get some birthday licks and kisses from their adorable puppy, McCoy.

Save that Date! The Chilmark Volunteer Firefighters Association will hold its Backyard Bash on Wednesday, August 1, at the Community Center. Stop by between 4 and 8 pm to show your support for our local fire department. Have a burger. Listen to some music. Chat with your friends and neighbors. Purchase a tee-shirt or a sweatshirt. Shout out a thank you to David, Tim, Keith, Robert, Alan, Scott, Ken, Tony, Donald, Cody, Seth, Andy, Jonah, Chris, Mike, George, and the others who volunteer to drill, serve and be prepared in an emergency situation. If you are interested in volunteering for the department or even just for the night of the Backyard Bash, please call the Cross Road station at 508-645-2550.

Toni Bergins, the founder of JourneyDance and friend of Deneen McQueen-Chippari, will be at the CCC July 13 and 14 for a Whole Soul Wellness Weekend. Deneen attended the yoga training center in the Berkshires to do a advanced training module of JourneyDance with Toni. Long story short, Deneen convinced Toni to come to the CCC, which, coincidentally, she attended as a child. Talk about coming full circle. Check out the CCC’s web page for further information about this dance adventure for the mind, body, and spirit. Also, check out Deneen’s website

If you are still among the undecided, or just curious about the candidates, join our South Road neighbor astrologer Arlan Wise for Presidential Politics – It’s in the Stars on Wednesday, July 18, at 5:30 pm at the Chilmark Public Library.

There are big time birthdays going on in the Oliver household. Solon bumped it up to double digits this year and Barrett is close behind, just reaching the milestone of eight. John and Lathrop Keene also celebrate, father and son sharing the very same day.