Do not alter Menemsha’s character


To the Editor:

This is a copy of a letter I have sent to the Chilmark selectmen.

It has come to my attention that you are considering the option of concrete floating docks to replace the transient pier and possibly other parts of the pier. Many people had no idea there were any meetings held to discuss this. I suppose it was likely on the town’s website, but how many of us have the time to check the website daily to see if there is anything we should attend.

It is very disturbing to me, and to many that I have spoken to, that you are even considering concrete floating docks. It will forever change the character and beauty of Menemsha Harbor. They can be very dangerous, there are many moving parts. I hear that you intend to do away with the railing that runs along the back side of the transient dock. Are you not aware of how many people enjoy leaning up there and visiting with the boaters, or just lean there to watch kids catch crabs? Are you not taking into consideration the possible lawsuits the town will face if some kid or adult slips and falls or trips over one of the planned ramps?

It is bad enough that the Coast Guard are determined to change the character of Menemsha fishing village, but we cannot stop that, though you have valiantly attempted to. You govern a town where we have strived since the 1970s to retain the character and charm, in an ever changing world, and we have done a great job. It boggles my mind that you would even consider changing the character of Menemsha to such an extent, and try to keep it hushed up and voted through in a special town meeting in August, that few if any of us will have time to attend.

I find it shameful that you are brushing Marshall Carroll’s concerns under the rug, and he is getting flack for voicing his opinion. I daresay my father, Herbert R. Hancock, a selectman for 37 years before his death, would find it equally appalling.

It is my sincere hope that you will reconsider your options and come to a sensible solution, one that has served us well for many years. Please replace the wooden docks with more wooden docks. Do not turn Menemsha into a concrete jungle.

Deb Hancock