Thanks and a promise


To the Editor:

We offer many thanks for all of the support and positive comments about Thimble Farm. Island Grown Initiative (IGI) would not have been in this position to take on the stewardship of this beautiful community resource if it hadn’t been for the commitment of many people and organizations over the years.

This past fall IGI got involved, and we are so grateful to the individuals and organizations that leant their support and expertise in the planning process. In particular, a group of local food advocates met every Tuesday afternoon this winter and spring. In these meetings they worked to create a vision for this property that would be most beneficial to the entire Island. We are so grateful for the many hours of time and energy that were willingly invested and look forward to future collaboration.

Thank you to Adam Moore of the Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation, Phillipe Jordi of the Island Housing Trust, Jon Previant of the FARM Institute, Camron Adibi of Island Sustainability, Penny Uhlendorf, Sarah Davis, and Dan Sternbach of Whippoorwill Farm CSA, and Jefferson Munroe, Richard Andre, Lea Delacour, Steve Bernier, Simon Athearn, and Emily Palmer of Island Grown Initiative.

IGI is committed to approaching the stewardship of this farm with a long-term perspective. We will take the time to respect the needs of the land, be energy conscious, and be sensitive to the neighborhood and community. We will work closely with other Island organizations, town boards, Martha’s Vineyard Commission and other agencies. We will engage in fundraising to support the capitalization that is needed to build appropriate farm infrastructure, including affordable farmer housing. We are committed to making this sustainable long-term so that the farm is self-supporting. We look forward to hearing your ideas in the coming months as we embark on the next chapter of this farm.

Sarah McKay

Island Grown Initiative

Vineyard Haven