Who cares as she does?


To the Editor:

This was the decision I got from the Aquinnah planning board review committee for a project to allow 6,000 square feet of development on one lot. Though the applicant had a second lot, it couldn’t be developed because a third of it was wetlands.

Another new, rich neighbor, who is here less than 60 days a year and needs more – a swimming pool and guest house and pool house (the size of my house) – besides their house and garage and generator pad.

I went to at least 20 meetings to meet my neighbors and build trust, but they came to none. I have had trouble in the past with a spotlight on their roof which points into my bedroom window and have tried cookies and contact, but in 15 years of different famous neighbors have never made contact. The cleaning people and workers and renters enjoyed the fruits of my need to communicate and my letters never answered. The board said if the noise from the pool is too loud, I can call the police, or if the light’s too bright can go to the planning board. I went to the meetings to make human contact to no avail.

This construction needed many variances. Our boards are made up of mostly people in the development trades. Our selectmen appoint people whom they know agree with them, and thus the same decisions for years. The neighbors wished they could have more, and especially a pool. As we are assessed more and more in taxes, we are priced out of town.

Nature and our precious resources don’t get a vote. Am I really the only one who cherishes the dark starlit sky and the waiting for the lighthouse to guide my way and the dominant sounds from the ocean, wind, and birds. I know my guests at my small B&B tell me how hard this is to find anymore. Is the hardship once again to nature and our precious resources? Do we not realize yet that saving our Island and our planet is about using less. Am I really the only one who cares?

Elise LeBovit