A happy surprise


To the Editor:

On our return to Vineyard Haven this spring we got our first look at the affordable housing development that created a neighborhood next to a piece of property owned by my mother. It was such a pleasant surprise. I sent the following letter to Philippe Jordi, executive director of the Island Housing Trust, in June. He asked that your readers be allowed to read it. I hope that, in the middle of a hectic summer, this letter will reach some people on the Island who can benefit by, or benefit others, by knowing how tastefully this project was carried out.

My mother and sister returned to the Island in May. I heard that they enjoyed a tour of the new homes adjacent to my mom’s property. I know they have met some new neighbors and have enjoyed those associations.

You can probably imagine the uncertainty we felt in knowing that multiple units of affordable housing were to be built in what we had come to consider as mom’s view of the Tashmoo wilds. Perhaps because of our trepidation, we feel relief and satisfaction that may surprise you to hear about.

At this time, the green grass next door makes a big, beautiful impression. I know it is June, and we may not be treated to that jewel tone into the summer months, but for now it looks like we have landed in Oz. The exterior features of the homes, as viewed from our house, including the repeated roof lines, covered entries, shingle details and trim, are pleasant to look at, and I think represent the care with which this project was developed. From the street, the placement of the homes on the lots, with their frame of trees and native vegetation, is striking. From Mom’s, their placement seems to make a statement of inclusiveness, which is also pleasant.

Polly Cheney

Petoskey, Michigan

(And regular Vineyard visitor)