It’s about profit


To the Editor:

Like Michael F. Fonte and Joseph J. Passafiume (Letters, July 19), I take a negative view of the Affordable Care Act, but for far different reasons.This scheme was invented by the conservative Heritage Foundation and brought to Massachusetts by the Republican Mitt Romney. Its purpose was to mandate customers, and therefore profits, for the financial companies that have set themselves up as parasitical brokers between those needing health care and those providing it.

The President Obama version, all 2,700 pages of it, was all but dictated word for word by the health insurance lobby. Input was denied to supporters of the simpler and cheaper single payer plan. Obama himself ruled out a public option.

The only surprise is not that conservative Chief Justice John Roberts voted for this giveaway, but that the four other corporatist justices voted against it. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was arranged beforehand to take care of business for the health moguls while also

appeasing the anti-government right.

By the by, Mr. Passafiume’s remarks on European health care are at best misinformed. I received excellent cardiac treatment in France. As a foreigner, I paid full freight. My bill came on a single page and amounted to less than 10 percent of the charges for the same angiogram in the States. The French, like all other first-world nations, spend far less that we do on health care with better results. The difference is that their purpose is to keep their citizens healthy at a reasonable cost to society, while ours is to reap the greatest possible profit on sickness and misery. Both systems are highly successful at what they do.

Pete Karman

West Tisbury