Kelleher Real Estate offers job opportunity for young adults 18+


Kelleher Real Estate has five positions in a newly created program designed to help young adults over 18, both college graduates and those who chose not to pursue a higher education, become referral agents at Kelleher.

“The hope is that by giving this opportunity to young people in the community they will be able to better cope with today’s uncertain economy and college expenses by having the chance to secure a generous referral fee for any leads they give Kelleher Real Estate for either buyers or sellers that result in a sale,” said Jean Kelleher in a press release.

Referral agents do not handle any aspect of a sales transaction other than providing the principal with a name of someone that has asked to be contacted. They do not have to pay any desk fees or do any up-time in the office, thereby freeing them up to continue to pursue their primary career objectives both on and off Island, according to a press release.

To participate, a candidate must first secure a sales license and then pass the state test. The course requirements include 40 hours of class-time and the ability to pass the state licensing exam. The total cost of the program for the class, test, and licensing is approximately $600. Kelleher Real Estate will reimburse successful candidates on the occasion of their first referral.

“The ideal candidates are young people with life-long ties to the Island or with parents whose work puts them in a trusted role with people that might have an interest in buying or selling here on the Island,” Ms. Kelleher said. “We are excited to offer this new program and incentives to help our Island youth enjoy a successful launch into the next phase of their young lives.”

For more information, call Jean Kelleher at 508-693-8000 or e-mail her at