West Tisbury


Three and a quarter inches of rain in our gauge Sunday morning. It had been quite a storm, with flashes of lightning perilously overhead. We were surprised there weren’t more fire calls than the four that disrupted the night’s sleep — three smoke/carbon monoxide alarms and a lightning strike affecting two houses in Makoniky (probably hit a tree between them, as it turned out.)

After breakfast Mike and I took the dogs for a walk to see how full the Great Pond looked. A beautiful sight. So, too, the relieved and revived appearance of the previously parched landscape.

Leslie Baker, Ruth Kirchmeier, and I were commiserating about the state of our gardens when we got together last Thursday evening. I was complaining that deer had eaten the flowers and buds off of my daylilies, leaving me a Morticia Addams array of bare stems. “Me, too,” they both chorused. We are all ready to cut everything down and hope for fresh foliage, at least, for the rest of the summer. I also have Nanuk, who decided that the newly moist soil was again good for digging and, after a month-long reprieve, I found dirt all over the path and a cool hollow about the size of a golden retriever’s stomach.

Betty Haynes stopped over for a visit Friday afternoon after seeing her houseguests off to the boat. They were Bill’s best friend from boyhood, Bill Ritchie, his wife Marge, and their young goldendoodle. Everyone enjoyed their time together, as they always do. Betty brought us a huge bag of squash from their garden, three different kinds, all delicious.

Marie-Louise Rouff and Paul Levine entertained their young granddaughter, Meghan Pastreich, here from St. Petersburg, Florida. Marie-Louise gave Meghan a copy of Cynthia Riggs’s new guidebook, Victoria Trumbull’s Martha’s Vineyard, that they used to plan daily adventures traveling around the Island. Among their trips, a visit to Shaw Cramer Gallery to see Marie-Louise’s paintings. Also, lots of family time with her Morais aunt, uncle, and cousins.

Lia Norton and Mike Livermore came from Brooklyn, N.Y., to visit Lia’s aunt, Mary Beth Norton. For Lia it was an annual occurrence, but it was only the second time on the Island for Mike. A good visit that included lots of beach time at Lambert’s Cove, meals out at specially treasured places, as well as Mary Beth’s excellent cooking and conversation at home.

A nice surprise for Mike and me. Ted Murphy and Ann DuCharme arrived on Thursday at their Music Street house. With them are their son, Teddy, and daughter, Julia. We are invited for drinks Sunday evening and can’t wait to hear all about their year.

Nicole, Ben, Violet, and Reed Cabot have loved having Nicole’s mom, Linda Vadasz, here for most of July. Nicole’s dad, Gaston, arrived last week, in time to spend the week with Linda and Violet in Boston, where Violet attended piano camp. Everyone’s back at the Cabot house for a few more days together before Gaston and Linda return to Budapest on Tuesday.

If you are curious about the activity and scaffolding around the West Tisbury Church, the renovation project has begun. Most of the fence has been replaced and painted, the final section to be installed after everything else is completed. To come: a new foundation, cedar clapboards, fresh paint, and new landscaping. They expect it to all be finished in September. If you would like to contribute, please make your checks out to FCCoWT (First Congregational Church of West Tisbury.) Drop it off at the church office weekdays between 10 am and 1 pm or mail to PO Box 3000, PMB 3111, West Tisbury, MA 02575.

Alix Small’s Vineyard Knitworks is offering beginner’s knitting classes at the Vineyard Haven store. Classes for kids are on Monday and Thursday, August 6 and 9; men’s classes meet Tuesday and Friday, August 7 and 10. All classes meet at 10:30 am. Cost is $40. Call to pre-register: 508-687-9163.

Vineyard Gardens begins their August series, “Gallery in the Garden,” this week. There will be art by local artists, live music, wine and hors d’oeuvres among the flowering plants every Friday evening from 5 to 8 pm. Look on Facebook or call 508-693-8511 for more information.

Jill Iscol is the guest author at the Library Foundation’s Summer Speakeasy Series at the Granary Gallery on August 8. Stop into the library for tickets and more information.

At the library this week: if you are reading this in time, Audrey Schulman will read from her book, “Three Weeks in December,” this afternoon at 5. Tomorrow, August 3, there will be a reception for August’s artist of the month, Annie Cummings, at 4 pm. Her paintings and those of the late Nancy C. Marshall are on display through the month. The Monday Night Movie at 7 pm is E.T. Free popcorn included. At 9 pm on Monday nights through August, bring a blanket and flashlight (weather permitting) to learn about constellations and the night sky with Lenny Schoenfeld. Please call ahead.

My thanks to everyone who emailed, called, stopped by, made dinners, gave hugs, love, and good wishes during my recent illness. Thank you for caring for Mike while I was away, and me now that I’m home. I’m feeling much better and so very grateful.