A rocking evening for housing


To the Editor:

Habitat for Humanity of Martha’s Vineyard (HabitatMV) joined forces with partner affordable housing organization Island Housing Trust (IHT) to present the second annual Raising The Roof – a concert for housing on Thursday, July 26. The Flatbread Company generously donated the venue for the concert which featured The Daytrippers – Martha’s Vineyard’s home-grown Beatles band.

HabitatMV president Doug Ruskin and IHT president Richard Leonard opened the evening with information about the documented need for home ownership opportunities for families working in the service industry on Martha’s Vineyard. They spoke of the affordability gap created by the Island’s higher mortgages and rents versus the Vineyard’s lower incomes compared to the state average. Mr. Leonard stated that we are in the business of people preservation, while Mr. Ruskin shared that maintaining a stable community of working families will serve to benefit us all. They ended on a positive note by announcing that more than 50 permanently affordable houses were established in the last 10 years, and HabitatMV and IHT intend to double that number in the next four to five years.

At that point, The Daytrippers took the stage and rocked the house for two hours straight. All who attended were treated to a trip down memory lane from this very talented local band. HabitatMV and IHT thank their underwriters, which include Cronig’s Market / Healthy Additions, the Edgartown National Bank, the Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank, and the Flatbread Company for providing the perfect vibe. HabitatMV volunteers included board members Pat Crosson and Mary Sullivan, HabitatMV & IHT Eliakim’s Way homeowner Jennifer Powers, and family selection committee member Ginger Norton.

Last but not least, thank you to all who chose to share their evening and invest their money in support of HabitatMV and IHT’s programs.

Neal A. Sullivan

Vineyard Haven