Time and energy


To the Editors:I am a member of the board of directors of Vineyard House, which is the only residential support facility for Islanders in early recovery from substance abuse.

I am also an active volunteer on our resident support committee. As such, I meet every other week with eight other volunteers to help support the house managers who oversee our program. These volunteers come from various backgrounds (real estate, finance, and public health as well as professional clinicians), all adding their experiences to enhance the recovery goals of our sober houses.

I am proud to talk about the dedication of my colleagues, who take this work so seriously and are so passionate about it. Vineyard House and all of Martha’s Vineyard are privileged to benefit from such skill and dedication. I adore the work and feel fortunate to observe the miracles that happen through our program.

Out of respect for confidentiality this all takes place behind the privacy of closed doors, in the houses and in 12-step meetings.

I wanted to write this, however, so that our whole Island community can appreciate the time and energy that goes into making Vineyard House such a successful sober program.

Sheila Shapiro

West Tisbury