Too much water for Ocean Park?


To the Editor:

As I walked by Ocean Park this morning and saw the irrigation system doing its irrigating, I wondered if the town of Oak Bluffs and the installer of the system has heard about a rain sensor.

I have an irrigation system at my home in New Hampshire. I have a rain sensor that does not allow the system to run if we have had, I think, a half inch of rain in the previous 24 hours. Since I just poured three and a half inches of water out of my trash barrel that I left to air out without the cover yesterday when I went to the dump (bad idea). I’m pretty sure that the same amount must have fallen on the grass at Ocean Park.

With a rain sensor, there would have been no need for more water on the park. With the fiscal issues in O.B, perhaps we should check into that?

Kathryn Wolf

Oak Bluffs and Dublin, N.H.