Ag Fair volunteer Genny Abbot goes to the dogs

Genevieve Abbot has amassed a collection of Ag Fair staff tee-shirts through her volunteer efforts. — Photo by Phil Cordella

Genevieve H. Abbot of Oak Bluffs pulled out her collection of nine Ag Fair staff tee-shirts in anticipation of the start of the 151st Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society Fair that begins Thursday.

She started her collection in 2000 when she first volunteered to help with the dog show at The Fair. The shirts are given to fair volunteers.

Ms. Abbot, Genny to her friends, helps people register their dogs for the show. “The fair used to be so small,” she said. “It’s getting bigger every year. It’s like a mob scene. Everybody has fancy dogs and they want to enter them. The dog show is the thing.”

Genny first entered a dog in the show more than 50 years ago, when she was nine. She won a second place red ribbon with her great uncle Foster Upham’s dog, Terry. Her dog Prudy won a blue ribbon in 2002. One of her current dogs, Peaches, won a blue ribbon in 2009.

“Sympathy ribbons used to be handed out regularly, but not anymore,” Ms. Abbot said. “It’s serious business now.”

For information on how to volunteer or register, call 508-693-9549.