Host a Shark


To the Editor:

Another season has come and gone for the Martha’s Vineyard Sharks. The Sharks are a collegiate baseball team in their second year of existence here on Martha’s Vineyard. Watching the Sharks play and being a host parent for players has been such a fun and rewarding experience. We have hosted players for two years and have had five young men in our home.

Though they have played their last game for 2012 and didn’t end up where they wanted to in the standings, we are already gearing up for next year. If you want to be a part of things next summer, please go to the website and download an application to become a host family.

There’s plenty of info about what to expect should you decide to host a player. I did it last year with no idea how it would work out. I’m so happy I did. I have had great kids the last two years and knowing the players on the field makes the whole “Sharks experience” much more fun.

If you decide to make the commitment you won’t regret it. The boys arrive in the first week of June. If you can only take one player, we’d be grateful, but I’d suggest taking at least two. They are happier with a buddy.

Remember this is a young guy leaving home and school to go to a strange place he’s probably never been before. They play a little over 50 games in the 10 weeks they are here. Baseball keeps them pretty busy, but you will have time to get to know the kids too.

An average day for a home game would be going to the Y to work out, and getting to the park by 2 pm to get ready for that night’s game. Until we have lights (hint, hint, anybody want to help us buy lights?) the games start at 5 pm.

Away games would have them going to catch a boat to go to wherever they are playing. Sometimes they’ll go as far away as Old Orchard Beach, Maine. The trip back is very late, after the ferries have stopped running for the night. The team either stays off-Island or takes the Patriot home. They arrive home usually after 1 am on those nights. Rare days off are usually spent doing some community service and going to the beach. Some of the kids actually work in jobs around their busy schedules too.

These are great kids. Hopefully you can find it in your heart to host a player or two next year. Please think about it anyway.

Jessica Burnham