No room left for undecideds


To the Editor:

Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan should put an end to the idea that there are any undecided voters. The Romney-Ryan plan includes cutting food stamps, student loans, Medicare, and Social Security. They also want to make it legal for states to ban abortion and legal for insurance companies to deny or cancel your health insurance if you get sick. They also believe in eliminating gun control laws and the minimum wage and want to increase taxes on lower income workers while cutting taxes on the rich. They both believe in rounding up the 12 million undocumented adults and children in the U.S. and sending them to the city Newt Gingrich is building on the moon. Their lack of understanding of the economy and deficits will throw us into a depression that will rival 1933 and cause widespread, unnecessary suffering.

This backlash against President Obama reminds us that although many cultural forest fires were put out by Lincoln, Roosevelt, Johnson and Obama, the embers under the surface are still smoldering and may ignite the American landscape once again.

Seth Mosler

New York, New York

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