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I can feel the end of summer closing in, and I’m working out that itch to get in all my favorite things that haven’t made the agenda yet before Labor Day.

This past week, this included playing tourist on the Harbor View porch with oysters and truffle fries, joined by my mother and Patri Giumarra. Later that night, we were lucky to nab the porch table at L’Etoile for dessert, just in time to escape one of those fun torrential downpours that seem to be the rule rather than the exception this year. It was exciting to watch the storm from the refuge of the porch with friends, including Denise Searle, her sister Sheri Lamoreaux, and a surprise visit to our table from none other than Phil Donahue. I have never seen my mother so star-struck. Then again, I wasn’t there when she met Bob Kraft or Tedy Bruschi, so it’s all relative, I suppose.

Next up before summer closes the curtain, I require a harbor cruise, a fancy soft-shell crab dish, and about 10 more ice cream cones. What about you? You guys are really leaving me to my own devices this week, with nary a single report of your goings-on. Coincidentally, I have an ornithological report from my dad this week, my favorite space-filler of all.

It’s been a while since we’ve had news from my father’s fine-feathered friends, but the wait is over. My father entered two of his four pet ducks in the Ag Fair and is proud to boast two blue ribbons as a result. The other two family ducks were a bit befuddled by the absence of their bro and sis for the few days, but once One and Two returned from their sojourn to Chilmark, the four settled right back into old tricks, harassing the koi, disturbing the dog, and preening their prize-winning plumage.

I didn’t make the trek to the Fair this year, but the pictures online highlight a pair of baby goats as one of the main attractions. The goats made it to the adoring arms of Vinny and Frankie Paciello, and Anina Garvin, among others. What a couple of cuties.

Mark your calendars for the MV Boys and Girls Club’s 28th Annual Fall Golf Tournament, which takes place Saturday, September 8, at Edgartown Golf Club. The tournament format is a handicap-adjusted four-player scramble. So go find your clubs underneath the sandy beach chairs and other accumulated summer detritus and get out there to swing for the kids. Visit mvbgclub.org for details.

It is party hat time for some of my favorite pint-sized buddies. Harley Snowden blows out the candles August 22, followed by Emma Searle, August 25, and Adeline Smith, August 27. Those of our friends whose candle count will require a bit more lung-capacity than the little ‘uns include Erika Bettencourt on August 27 and David Vaughan on August 29. Hope you all have a blast. (Also, in the tradition of full disclosure, my birthday is August 23, so feel free to harass me as you see fit. I know what they say about payback.)

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