No follow through at Cornell


Michelle Williams’ article on Cornell’s shabby treatment of undocumented residents (August 16, “Now a young immigrant may stay, but how to pay for Cornell?”) was important and well researched. How can a “need blind admissions” university purport to be a great national institution and not provide financial aid to needy admitted students.

Cornell’s behavior is even worse than described in this article. Cornell is the only Ivy League School that does not provide financial assistance to admitted undocumented residents. David Skorton, president of Cornell, talks about bringing the American dream to these well deserving students but does not follow through. Accepting poor students without financial aid is tantamount to rejecting them. These deserving students could understand less financial aid than their financial circumstances warrant. They cannot understand no financial aid, and no loans as well.

Michelle wrote, “Paula came to the Vineyard illegally nine years ago”. Actually, Paula came legally on a one year visa and then remained in the United States after the visa expired. Paula came to the Vineyard immediately and has lived here ever since.

Robert Kenney