Oak Bluffs


By all accounts all the major events of last week were a great success. Everyone seems to have been most pleased by the fireworks. Thanks to those who made it possible this year.

The Fair was crowded and all had a great time, especially my grandson Marques Rivers who proposed to his girlfriend, Sarah Neubert, at the top of the ferris wheel, and amazingly, she said yes. Congratulations.

All summer it has been challenging, to say the least, to try to manipulate around bicycles, cars, pedestrians, and mopeds, trying to figure out if those people standing by the sides of the roads wanted to cross or if they were waiting for a bus. Then, when you thought you had it figured out, in a couple of seconds they decide to cross without looking and with earphones in their ears, oblivious to the fact that they had missed death or injury by inches and given the automobile drivers a heart spasm.

Last Thursday, I waited patiently and amazed for a group of 18 to cross from Sunset Lake over to Washington Park, in two groups of nine. The leader led the parade of the first nine geese across and they marched in a pattern that would have made the Rockettes proud. When they made it across safely, the leader walked back to the edge of the road and with a honk, signaled to the remaining 9 that is was OK and they followed suit across the road to the park. Absolutely amazing. I wish all pedestrians were that careful.

There is a change to the ticket price for the third annual potters bowl at Featherstone this Sunday. Tickets are $25 not $35.

Bettie Eubanks and Harry Seymour are longtime summer resident of Oak Bluffs. It is a rare occasion to be able to walk through an artist home and see how the artists hangs his or her own work but Eubanks will be giving a talk at 4:30 Friday, on Hanging Art Artistically at her home. Harry Seymour’s work evolves from a discovery and innovation of scratchboard egg tempera and pastels. His work will be on display also.

Kristen Anderson returned to her home in St. Petes Beach, Florida last Thursday after a two week visit with her parents, Maureen and Bill Anderson, and her son, Ian Thompson, who worked at his grandfather’s shop, Anderson Bike Rentals, this summer. Kristen spent time with her sisters, Kathy Farrissey and Gretchen Anderson, brother Bill and their families, and managed a visit to catch of with friends on the Cape before returning home. Son Ian, however wanted to stretch out the summer a bit longer so he postponed his return back home and to college for another week.

Tonight, August 23, at 6 pm the program at the Oak Bluffs Library features animal Interviews with Gus Ben David. See and learn about wonderful animals with Gus. All ages. Space is limited to the first 60 people.

Special, special birthday smiles to Alice Rose on August 29. The Oak Bluffs Council on Aging is having a luncheon for her, from 12 to 2 pm on that day. She will be 102 years young. It seems like it was only a few years ago that I first met Alice at my wedding shower and have been amazed at her ever since. She still can be seen working in her flower garden and always manages a smile when you drive by.

A broadbased host committee of Islanders is co-sponsoring an event featuring Angela Davis and Gina Dent. They were part of a delegation of women of color who visited the Occupied Territories in July 2011 and will provide Reports from Palestine. The event is Friday, August 24th from 5:30 to 7 pm at the Union Chapel, Oak Bluffs. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door. The event is co-sponsored, and a benefit for, Jewish Voice for Peace. Tickets available at TicketsMV.com, Alley’s General Store, Our Market, C’Est La Vie, Bunch of Grapes, Island Entertainment, and at Edgartown Books.

We send birthday smiles to Ginny Hall Leon Hold and Erin deBettencourt on August 23, Christine Anthony on the 24th, world traveler Ken Rusczyk on the 26th, on the 28th smiles to grandson Chris Alley, and brothers Matt and Andrew Marchand, and Pam Melrose on the 30th.Enjoy your week. Peace.