What’s next?


To the Editor:

Erik Albert’s letter of August 9 [Back to you, W. R. Deeble] expresses resentment at criticism of his letters derogating West Tisbury and its beach policy, so he derogates the critic. He calls objections to his letters personal attacks, although they refer only to what he writes, and not to the writer. He says he plans more of such personal attacks, but backed up with facts, which somehow never appear.

Instead, he offers guesses (“I assume”) about his critic’s opinions, and a final directive that West Tisbury have a more neighborly policy toward non-residents on its beach. On Oak Bluffs beaches the mayor feeds non-residents to a shark – all in the name of Amity, which means friendship. Wasn’t there a movie about it?

Mr. Albert is to be commended for advocating neighborliness on our small Island. Could that include not calling another town’s beach policy “apartheid”? Google will tell him the word is too hate-loaded to be used in a trifling slogan. In future letters, does he plan to be a neighbor or a derogator?

W.R. Deeble

West Tisbury