Cyclists now rule


To the Editor:

After three close encounters in one week with bicyclists oblivious to cars and pedestrians, I now have sticky notes attached to my dashboard with arrows in all directions. I hope they remind me that the bicycle has traded places with the moped and is now king of the road. When walking any sidewalk not designated a bike trail, only the whoosh of tires one inch from your hip tells you to jump off the curb or into the poison ivy. And the Vineyard Haven police seem to be snoozing when bicyclists, plugged into their iPhones, head down Main Street against traffic. Didn’t we all grow up with bicycle safety rules? Doesn’t it make sense for bicyclists to stop at a crosswalk like other pedestrians, before crossing in the path of oncoming vehicles?

This summer, it feels like we should all have Freddy Mercury’s hit song from his 80s Queen album blaring from our car radios:

I Want to Ride My Bicycle/ I Want to ride My Bike/ I Want to Ride my Bicycle/ I Want to Ride it Where I Like.

I am now imagining my small Corolla shaped like a giant bicycle so I will have some credibility on the road.

Liza Coogan

Vineyard Haven