Not a proper investigation


To the Editor:

How not to properly investigate. Good, valid, intuitive questions aren’t going away because they haven’t been answered. Although more than a decade has elapsed, it’s important that we understand the difference between conspiracy theory nonsense and the scientific and forensic evidence which was withheld from the official 9/11 Commission Report.

There is nothing “conspiratorial” nor “theoretical” about the fact that three of the WTC buildings collapsed straight down, through themselves, through their own supporting structure, with sudden onset, at accelerating, free fall speed; about the fact that the presence of nano thermite, a highly sophisticated manufactured chemical signature of controlled demolitions, was found in a number of official dust samples; about the fact that multi-ton steel girders were ejected laterally and found, along with human bone fragments, on the rooftops of adjacent buildings more than 600 feet away; about the fact that more than 100 eye witnesses heard loud explosions going off, some at mezzanine and basement levels; about the fact that molten steel was simmering in the debris pile for weeks after the collapse.

That the pro-establishment, mainstream media does not find this at all curious and refuses to investigate such facts, along with the enactment of NDAA, does not speak well of us nor our country. Proper investigations don’t withhold evidence. Best check it out yourself. Go to “”

Nick van Nes

West Tisbury