Political expression deserves respect


To the Editor:

I am writing a letter to warn folks that there are people out there determined to suppress political expression on the Vineyard. Last Sunday, August 19, I planted a Romney for President sign on our property in East Chop. It was gone within two hours.

Talking with some neighbors, I learned that another sign was slashed with a knife and another driven over.

My mother returned from the market to discover that her Scott Brown for Senate bumper sticker had been torn from her car window.

It is only August, and this has got to stop. Vandalism is not the answer. Intimidation is not the answer. The Vineyard has always welcomed people of all stripes and backgrounds. It has a proud history of fostering open debate on religion, politics, art, and literature. This is not the way forward.

If I put another Romney sign up, will I have to sit nearby in a lawn chair to protect it 24 hours a day?

Please, let’s respect each other and acknowledge that we all have valid opinions.

Peter Robb

Oak Bluffs and Holliston