Surf a sea of bias


To the Editor:

Most Vineyarders who follow world and national events probably do so with cable television, primarily from a few competing networks. For balance all should be watched, lest the viewer develop a bias. The current leader, according to most surveys, is Fox.

Fox says this is because it is “fair and balanced,” while all the others (“the mainstream media”) are biased toward a liberal ideology. Its opinions are offered by a solidly conservative array of present and former Republican candidates, advisers, and party faithful. Token liberals are allowed to appear, only to be ridiculed and shouted down.

Of the others, MSNBC is basically anti-Fox, while CNN tries to appear impartial, as do NECN and the broadcast networks. Their commentators wear no party labels, but the viewer must decide whether they still show individual bias.

When viewers become voters in November, an absence of bias would make issues clearer. Channel surfing is the antidote.

W.R. Deeble

West Tisbury