Dr. Jasny gets the Gold


To the Editor:

Last week, Dr. Michele Jasny gave out her annual Labor Day Awards, Gold, Silver, Bronze. [August 22 Visiting Veterinarian : It’s that moment you’ve been waiting for] I would like to hand out a big, shiny, Gold Medal to my veterinarian, Dr. Jasny.

I don’t like changes, and when I moved back to the Vineyard after having been away for 15 years, wow, what changes. But, Michelle was still here, and in the same office. Relief.

Her expertise is the same, her acute concentration on my pets’ condition, her gentle touch and the long lessons on flea and tick care — all the same.And, again, as with my dog, Marley, my Lab presented with inexplicable symptoms. Dr. Jasny always gives options: we could go off-Island and get an extensive workup to help diagnose the illness exactly or stay here and give the best (and less expensive) care we could under the circumstances. We chose the second option.

Prudy is happy and hanging in there, thanks to a combination of medications that keep her going. We cherish her every new day. Michelle is still here, and I know my pets are in the best possible hands.

Genevieve H. Abbot

Oak Bluffs

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