And just like that…the season is over. It seemed as though the entire Island released an audible sigh as the last boat left port on Labor Day. And now we get September: still gloriously sunny and beach-worthy, with just enough of an evening nip in the air to warrant the application of long-stored wool. And, it’s time for football!

I have to say though, as cranky as people can be by the end of summer, I encountered a surprising number of pleasant and welcoming humans this past holiday weekend. I’m talking about lovely ladies on the porch of the Harbor View Hotel, boaters in Menemsha who were generous with the contents of their cooler, a guy who offered — without having to be asked — to move down the bar a seat so my out-of-town guests and I could sit together. By Labor Day, I have usually lost a bit of faith in humanity, so I thought this reassuring turn was worthy of acknowledgement.

The kids are back in school today, so watch out for tiny people as you are out and about enjoying the lack of traffic. Don’t forget to respect school zones and watch for crossing guards. Good luck to students and teachers for a productive and enjoyable school year.

Healing vibes go out to Lee Welch and Nick Prescott, both of whom recently underwent shoulder surgery. A few months from now, they will be demonstrating their bionic new limbs, but for the moment let’s send out some positive vibes to help speed their recovery.

Welcome to the world, Mr. Xavier Cole Sherman, born August 30 at 9:13 am to Judit Tótpál and Max Sherman. Let’s see if he grows up to be taller than his dad.

Featherstone presents the 2nd Annual Artists Studio Tour on Saturday and Sunday, September 8 and 9 from 10 to 4 pm. Guests may visit 17 artists who will open their studios and showcase their artwork. A Closing Celebration Reception will take place on Sunday, September 9 from 4:30 to 7 pm at Featherstone. Participating Edgartown artists include Deirdre DeCarion, Debra Gaines, and Warren Gaines. For more info and to purchase your ticket, call 508-693-1850.

Happy Anniversary to Derek and Brooke Avakian! The happy couple will toast two years of marriage on September 11. With a new home and a little one on the way, they have a lot to celebrate. Congratulations, guys.

Time for the Virgos to take over my final paragraph, with birthday wishes going out to Lisa Barbini, Sarah Townes, and Lyra Paciello, September 6; to Ashley Spinney on September 7; and to Graham Murray on September 9. Hospital corners, detailed to-do lists, and typo-free restaurant menus go out to you, the neat-freaks of the zodiac.