It’s not about the money


To the Editor:

I received a request for more money today from the Elizabeth Warren campaign for senate. I want to send more, but my wife and I have already donated as much as we can afford. We already took money out of our yearly donation fund for charity to send to Warren’s campaign.

I just hope that this election for senate in this great state of ours does not come down to how much money is spent but rather the ideas and principles which the candidates stand for. Not talking over others, but the reasoned debate about issues which affect us each and every day.

If you believe in your taxes going to schooling, highway, and bridge repair, and any other problems or issue that deserves national public money, than please donate to Elizabeth Warren’s campaign.

If you believe that taxes need to be cut first and foremost, that maybe Iraq was not such a bad war, and sending more of our young people and our public money over to protect oil resources for Europe, than please donate to the Scott Brown campaign for senate.

Eric Poehler