Repression in a one-party state


To the Editor:

In reading Peter Robb’s recent letter (Aug. 30), I have had to reflect on my own personal experience regarding political expression that is out of the mainstream on this Island, and I can say that it is very similar to his recent experience. But what else can anyone expect in a one-party state and Island? Any person who thinks that political machines are tolerant is dreaming.

Mr. Robb, it was years ago that I had a bumper sticker torn off of my truck, and the thug who did it even had to trespass onto my private property in Vineyard Haven to accomplish this act, since my vehicle was not even parked on the street. However, I was equal to the challenge, and got another sticker, only this time taping it to the inside of the glass, where this creature could not get its paws on it for a second attempt.

It was also years ago that I had political signs smashed on my property, which faces a roadway in West Tisbury, and once again, I accepted the challenge, and got a ladder and nailed both signs to tall trees. I have also stood my ground when people have called me names and started swearing at me, and I’ve replied to these vermin in the same way in which they spoke to me.

If a further example is needed as to how much the Island has changed for the worse, a filthy ghoul went so far as to steal an American Legion Ladies Auxiliary marker off of my mother’s grave, and what this degenerate thief planned to do with it, I neither know nor care, save to say that the Martha’s Vineyard of my birth is as dead and buried as my parents.

Mr. Robb, if you expect civility, respect and tolerance from the kind of people who would commit such acts, then your skin will be drying on their wall before too long. They may constantly talk about civility, but they are never practitioners of it, so respond to them with the contempt which they so richly deserve. These are individuals in whom the light of tolerance, liberalism, and democracy has been completely and permanently extinguished, and despite their own illusions of self-image, they are in actuality, unyielding, coercive authoritarians who wish to silence any opposition.

Mr. Robb, my best advice to you is to fight back, as I have done in the past, and give these miscreants nothing but resistance, and like the bullies and cowards that they are, they will run and vanish when confronted.

Michael F. Fontes

West Tisbury