I love this time of year when you get out of bed not knowing whether you’ll sweat to death or be piling on the fleece all day. Even if you look at the weather forecast, it’s like the numbers mean nothing, because 75 in September feels so different than 75 in August. Getting dressed is a gamble each day, as well as an exercise in strategic layering of cotton and wool. I will opt to stick with flip-flops ’til my toes fall off, thank you very much.

The Derby is off to a solid start, and how auspicious for all those boaters and beach-casters starting out under that amazing double rainbow we had Sunday, just as everyone threw out their first cast. Hopefully the fish will be abundant and some of it will find its way to my plate.

I was thrilled to see my young neighbor, Joseph Serpa, starting off at the top of the leader board with a 14.42-pound bluefish. Not a bad start, my friend. Keep it up.

On the topic of great things grown on Vineyard shores, local mer-lady, Kara Shemeth, netted a fine Midwestern boy, Brad Dekkers, and the two tied the proverbial nylon cord Friday, September 7 at Felix Neck, surrounded by friends and family. To you, I say: Good catch, Kara! She’s a keepah, Brad!

Happy birthday to my gramp, Ted Morgan, as he has just completed his 91st turn around the sun, on September 12. Uncle Teddy and Aunt Cindy came up from New Orleans to celebrate, and as a last-minute surprise, Uncle Timmy from San Antonio flew in as well. From what I understand, father out-golfed son at the Boys and Girls Club Tourney on Saturday — a very sweet birthday gift indeed. Good job, Gramp!

Local princess and rockstar Anina Garvin played hostess to a coterie of other princesses and rockstars in celebration of her fifth birthday this past weekend, complete with a pink guitar cake. Anina officially reached the high-five September 10. She’ll be hitting the Billboard charts before long.

Happy anniversary to Drew and Paula Smith, who celebrated 17 years on September 9. As the two are currently on a British adventure, I believe the proper congratulations would be, “Cheers, mates!”

The MV chapter of the NAACP invites you to participate in the George V. Tankard, Jr. Memorial 5K road race/walk and 1 mile fun run, Saturday, September 15 (Tivoli Day), beginning at 10:30 am at the Wesley Hotel. So if you runners are itching to hit the pavement outside of Edgartown, go support this worthy cause.

The Anchors will present “Atticus,” a one-man play, starring character-actor Richard Clark, Tuesday, September 25, at 1:30 pm. Atticus Finch steps from the pages of “To Kill a Mockingbird” and brings to life the tragedy and triumph of Harper Lee’s classic novel. The program is supported in part by a grant from the Martha’s Vineyard Cultural Council, a local agency supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the Friends of ECOA. Call 508-627-4368 to reserve lunch and your seat.

Happy birthday to Sydney Mullen, who celebrates her day September 15. Sydney divides her time between Oak Bluffs and Chappy — head and heart, respectively — making her one of our many cardiopulmonary though not musculoskeletal residents. I hope all of you has a good day.

Additional birthday wishes go out to Bonnie Kingsbury, September 16; to Darren Belisle, September 17; and to Max Sherman, September 19. Fun times all around.