Outstanding success


To the Editor:

Vineyard Haven in particular as the recipient, and film lovers over the entire Island of Martha’,Vineyard, owe a debt of great gratitude to Richard Paradise, whose love of movies, vision, and dogged determination led to this past weekend’s amazing offerings of films, but more spectacularly to a beautiful theater in our midst in the Tisbury Marketplace. Who would of, could have, thought it possible??

From over a decade ago offering films upstairs at the Grange during the summer, onward to outdoor films at Featherstone, or Union Chapel, to winter fare for us Islanders at the Katherine Cornell, Richard has provided us all with delightfully varied entertainment. During the long cold winters, such was his commitment that he would miss the last ferry home and need to be bedded down in various homes.

When Richard first broached the possibility of a year-round theater opportunity at the Tisbury Marketplace, it seemed far too ambitious, even with the land and frame of the building generously provided.. Richard, undaunted, soldiered on, asking us inveterate movie lovers for funds to pay for the interior of the structure, the equipment, and comfortable chairs. A week ago, it all seemed too much to hope that his dream would come to fruition. But owing to massive efforts by all and sundry, opening night this past Thursday came to be a fabulous event, excellent film, with a foyer graced with colorful paintings by Gretchen Feldman. The theater interior itself is a wonder to behold, magnificently enhanced with purple walls and comfy chairs, stadium-tiered resulting in unobstructed view of the screen, and attractive lighting.

The town itself needs be most grateful to Richard for making Vineyard Haven now a film viewer’s haven. Tisbury Marketplace will definitely profit from increased business, owing to the placement of this fine new theater in its midst, as will likely other Main Street shops and restaurants..

Unfortunately, the chairs, costing $500 each, have not all been paid for, and money is required to meet other related needs. One enterprising street of home dwellers chose to buy an entire row of seats. Oh, that such a generous offer could be repeated by other streets, or individuals.

There is opportunity for groups to rent this newest addition to the Island.This theater and the programs to come are such a wonderful gift. Let us do our best to demonstrate our gratitude and appreciation to Richard for his outstanding success.

Doreen Kinsman

Vineyard Haven