Turning e-waste into realized dreams


To the Editor:

What a blessing it is to all who have Martha’s Vineyard. Each of us, in our own way, has some ethereal connection to this small piece of sand and stone, hilltop and pasture, pond and stream. And this connection shows in the character and personality of each and every one of its residents and visitors.

We recently held an e-waste, useable household waste drop off and pickup drive, at the Dreamland in Oak Bluffs on August 20, at the Chilmark Post Office on September 2, and at aboveground Records at the Edgartown Triangle on September 9.

The support and response we have received from the Island community and its visitors has been an overflow of love and an acknowledgement of a problem that can be avoided and can actually stimulate growth from its redistributed waste.

In the United States, there are over 99 million used, working, dormant TVs 30 inches or larger, collecting dust in basements, garages, attics and storage units. Thirty million go into the waste stream every year, and are replaced by another 30 million that get retired. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see where this is all going. And we cannot ignore it anymore. By redistributing these items, we make dreams come true from waste. We have sponsored three elementary schools and a half dozen outreach educational centers in Costa Rica, with just computer donations made from the drive on August 20.

We want to thank the MV Times for their participation and ongoing participation in our future events; “Laurel in the Morning” and the whole WMVY 92.7 staff; Beth from the West Tisbury Library. We hope to have a program in place where the children who will be receiving the computers donated by the WT Library can communicate with the Island students via Internet to the children of Costa Rica, Haiti, Jamaica, and St. Croix.

We would also like to thank Rick at MV Screen Printing for our banner and shirts, daRosa’s Printing Team and family, and Philly D for making the event a hit with the concert and the beautiful posters and flyers; and the entire Dreamland staff.

We want to thank the band Midnite, who traveled all the way from St. Croix, USVI, and have become a major push for the foundation with a chapter to open there just after the new year. To Preston Powell, the man at the command center at rastafaria.com, blessings for all your counsel and assistance making it happen when it needs too

After the one-day event and the outpouring of help and community involvement we have expanded our E Waste Donation Program to continue over the next eight weeks.

Thank you to all unmentioned but not forgotten.

We will have a weekly drop off location in different spots around the Island. Look for us, we’ll look for you. We will also pick up your larger or smaller items, if you email or call us.

At this time we are only accepting usable, working electronics and appliances: TVs, computers, monitors, laptops, stereos, cell phones, house phones, microwaves, fax machines, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, bikes, Wii Game Boy, X Box, typewriters, printers. All items need to work, and you have no use for them. That’s it.

We look forward to seeing you at our weekly drop off events, where we will have food and local musicians perform.

Blessings to everyone who helps those who have no means to help themselves.

Contact us: MicahSashaMeir@MSN; el-sueno.org; crlot@live.com; 508-560-9037

Let’s get it redistributed and put an end to landfill waste of working electronics.

Eduardo Brenes Gonzales

Nelson Marin Perez

Miguel Luz de Vida