West Tisbury police caution Islanders to be on lookout for scam calls


West Tisbury police chief Dan Rossi advised Island residents to be aware of a recent series of telephone calls from scam artists intent on gaining personal information they can then use to defraud individuals or institutions.

Chief Rossi said one town resident received a telephone call from a man who identified himself as David Washington and told the resident he was owed $1.5 million in back taxes in an effort to gain personal information.

Another resident had her social security check diverted after she provided a scam artist with personal information. It took her more than one month to retrieve her check, Mr. Rossi said.

The Office of the Attorney General advises people to always remember one thing: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The AG’s office said, “If someone requests your personal information, always verify their identity before providing it to them — ask for their name, organization, phone number, and address. Confirm this information through an outside source, such as the company’s website or a telephone directory.”