Who appointed you?


To the Editor:

To the two people who felt the need to leave notes on my windshield at the MV Hospital parking lot, I needed to drive myself to the ER early Thursday morning, which resulted in a five-day hospital stay.

I parked my BMW convertible in the closest open spot to the ER. I was not well and quickly glanced to make sure it was not a handicapped space. The sign says Fuel Efficient, so I thought nothing of parking there, as I get 36 MPG.

Who appointed you the parking Nazis? If policing Fuel Efficient parking spaces at the MV Hospital makes you feel like you’re saving the environment, well then, you might have a field day under the canopy at Cronig’s.

By the way, did you ever think of the tree you killed for your note paper? Oh geez, you might not be able to sleep at night.

Annie Bradshaw

West Tisbury