Your help needed


To the Editor:

We are writing this letter with heavy hearts. Recently, a native, Tim Fullin, was diagnosed with cancer. Tim is going through chemotherapy treatment. He is a native, the husband of Linda, and the father of three children, who are all locals as well: Veronica Fullin, T.R., and Keith. He is a grandfather, uncle, brother, son, and an amazing friend.

We have all known the Fullin family most of our lives, Most of us went to school with their kids, had Tim service our burners. They are one of the first to help out when you’re in need of anything, whether it’s night or day. Through the help of Island people and businesses, we will be able to hold a benefit auction at the P-A Club, aka the Holy Ghost Association, on November 3. Dinner will start at 4:30 pm, with a live auction starting at 7 pm.

Would you help with donations or auction items? I know times are tough, but anything will help, big or small. This letter can be used for your charitable donations for taxes. The money raised will help toward Tim’s and Linda’s cost of travel, medication, copays, or maybe even a house payment.

We know how wonderful you all are. You have done amazing things for the people who lived and still do live here. We thank you in advance for your time and consideration, to help one of our own who has helped so many. We look forward to working with you and talking to you soon.

Olivia Law-Butler and

Friends of Timmy Fullin

Oak Bluffs