New stop on African American Heritage Trail of Martha’s Vineyard

Nickeya Tankard, granddaughter of Carrie and George Tankard, and her mother, Anu, were present for the dedication ceremony. — Photo courtesy of Elaine Weintraub

On Saturday, September 15, a large crowd of family and friends gathered to honor the contributions made by Carrie and George Tankard to the Island community with a dedication ceremony marking their home as site number 26 on the African American Heritage Trail of Martha’s Vineyard.

The Tankards and their six children left Newark, New Jersey, in 1967, following a period of civil strife, to live on Martha’s Vineyard.

In the years that followed Carrie and George Tankard involved themselves in every aspect of Island life. Carrie has been a leading figure in the Island’s NAACP for many years and she is co-founder of the African American Heritage Trail. According to a press release, the work of the Trail is to document and honor the lives of people of color on the Vineyard, not only the famous and unique but those who labor every day to make this diverse Island a place of inter-cultural understanding.