Edgartown police arrest two on prostitution charges

Edgartown police arrest two on prostitution charges

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Edgartown police arrested two people for prostitution, assault, and theft, following a bizarre encounter at 4:30 am, Wednesday morning.

Police went to a home on 18th Street after they received a call from a man who said he was the victim of an assault.

When police arrived, the man, whom police declined to identify because the investigation is still active, said that a woman assaulted him in his house, then she and another man stole his mobile phone, wallet, and laptop computer. After further questioning, the victim told police he invited the woman to his house after responding to an advertisement for escort services, posted in an online classified directory.

“He went on Craigslist and ordered up some companionship,” Det. Sgt. Chris Dolby told The Times in a telephone interview Wednesday. “She was over here, based on the Craigslist ad. The victim did pay her an agreed upon amount of money.”

That amount was $1,800, police confirmed.

While on that call, police received a report from a neighbor on 18th Street, complaining about intoxicated people making a disturbance in the street. When officers arrived at the house farther down 18th Street, they found a vehicle with a smashed window.

The neighbor said that after he called police, he went out and asked the couple, a man and a woman, to move along.

“The female yelled (epithet), picked up a rock, and threw it at the neighbor’s vehicle,” Det. Sgt. Dolby said. The pair then fled into the woods.

Police searched for several hours, and located the couple in the woods just after dawn. Police said they were the same pair accused of the earlier assault. Police said the couple had the stolen items with them.

Police arrested Gabriel Rios-Leon, who gave an address in Rockaway, New Jersey, for receiving stolen property and deriving support from the earnings of a prostitute.

Also arrested was Shannon Owens, 27, of Providence, Rhode Island. She was charged with assault, receiving stolen property, and sexual conduct for a fee. At first, Ms. Owens refused to cooperate with police and would not provide a name or an address.

She later provided police with the name and age of Brianna Owens, 20, her sister.

Mr. Rios-Leon was held on $5,000 bail, following booking at the Dukes County Jail. Ms. Owens was held on $3,000 bail.

Correction: The print version of this story identified Shannon Owens, 27, as Brianna Owens, 20. Shannon Owens originally provided the name of her sister to police.


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    I saved $300.00 !!

    1. I don’t think they are talking about the other person arrested. They’re talking about the guy who “ordered up some companionship” Hands down best line I’ve heard in a while.

  2. $1800 for sex, getting duped on Craiglist Priceless!! PT Barnum — There is a sucker born every minute!!!

  3. Arbutus the King of Spain daughter — from the The Mudcat.org
    “….So she’s taken off her very brown gown, and she’s let the gown fall free
    But before its hem could touch the ground, she’s turned into a tree”
    I never could get the “numbered” streets of Edgartown right between The Boulevard and Arbutus Park. It’s neither Eighteenth Street or 18th St!

  4. The google search is always a good one — Mr. Gabriel Rois-Leon is no stranger to the police in NJ. What happened to his eye? This guy is a bad seed and taking the girl with him.

    1. Can I c that link please .. I am tree Rees brianna,Owens, that is, my sister who did all of this .. she’s, almost 30 .. which is sad .. IM turning 21 in a couple weeks

  5. I just want to say I am the REAL BRIANNA OWENS ..My sister Shannon Owens 27, is the one arrested, she stole my paper lisence and impersonated me. The sad part is she’s almost 30, also she just had a baby that I’ve been taking care of. I want to thank the author of this article because if you didn’t write this If I didn’t see this I wouldn’t have known. But I’m also asking this be deleted, due to the false information.

      1. OO believe me,, they were contacted way before i respnded on this, Im so embarressed, By the fact that she betrayed me and im her little sister, and also by her immature behabvior and actions. If you reread the article they corrected it, so the police must have realized they were not holding me, and that they were holding her, :) . So im a bit relieved,, Im from RHode island so it would have been a hastle to come all the way out there, but again im relieved to see that they have corrected this article,

    1. To Brianna: The Times is still running a picture of a young woman with your name, Brianna Owens, as the caption. Shannon sounds like a rotten sister, and now she has saddled you with the care of her baby. Is there a father in the picture? Find him and deliver the baby to him. Her mistakes shouldn’t be your responsibility, especially after what Shannon did to you!

      1. Brianna: Rise above the situation and care for the baby and give him all the love that you can. Don’t look at it as being saddled, or as your sisters mistake not being your responsibility. He needs you more than ever. You won’t be sorry that you cared for him.

  6. To the real Brianna, boy with family like that you do not enemies. I hope she can get the help she really needs.

  7. I think we can all agree that is a sad, creepy story about icky people doing icky things near our homes after dark. AND- The comments here have added a whole new dimension to the whole thing (Good Luck & HBD, Brianna)…

    BUT – Following this thru the MV Times has been a frustrating rollercoaster ride of balls, hits, and errors.

    I mean, thanks for updating info, but could you PLEASE get the pictures right?!


  8. Because he was a victim of a crime, arrest is not mandatory there is police discretion, they can arrest, cite, or defer to the DA for charges. They only arrest if the crime is serious (felony) or there is immediate public danger, or there is a flight risk

    1. Damm. That pic wasn’t up when I made the post. I’m sure she’s not at her best in the picture, but she’s not in that big dollar league like the hottie that former NY Governor Elliot Spitzer was hooking up with.

  9. Seems there are only two police officer fighting all the crime in Edgartown. Where are the rest of the crime fighters.it would be nice to see who else is making arrest .