Alex’s Place, all of one piece


To the Editor:

In the Calendar section of your September 27 edition, there is a very good article by Gwyn McAllister concerning the Alexandra Gagnon Teen Center, now known as “Alex’s Place.” The article is good publicity for the center and should encourage even more of our Island teens to use the facility.

The one problem with the article is that it seems to imply that “Alex’s Place” only consists of “a spacious well-lit upstairs facility with an open kitchen, comfortable lounge area, and a bank of computers.”

After this description, the narrative inadvertently leads the reader to conclude that the downstairs “Base Collective” is a separate entity.

That is not the case, as both the upstairs and downstairs are part of “Alex’s Place.”

Perhaps a more accurate name for the downstairs space would be “The Base Collective at Alex’s Place.”

Jacques R. Gagnon

(Alex’s dad)

Alexandra MM Gagnon Foundation