Well, it’s all starting; the great fall closing will begin this weekend. The Aquinnah Shop, The Outermost Inn, The Chilmark Store and Chilmark Tavern will all be closed for the season after this weekend. Dreamcatcher at the Cliffs will reopen tomorrow and their last day will be Monday, October 8. Faith’s Seafood Shack will remain open, weather-permitting, and the shops at the Cliffs will be open as well.

To counteract the sadness you may feel about things closing, might I recommend some shopping therapy? There are some good deals to be had right now. I parted with a chunk of my summer money last weekend at the 50 percent off sale at On the Cliffs. Pandora’s Box started their sale last night. Of course there are deals to be had all over the Island, but I also shop up Island first. Adrianna, who runs On the Cliffs, has impeccable taste and her entire family was on hand to give a yea or a nay as I was trying things on.

The Aquinnah Cultural Center is still open. Stop by tomorrow, Friday, between 11 am and 4 pm for a demonstration in Decorative Gourd Art. Wampanoag people grew gourds as well as the traditional corn, beans, and squash. The gourds, depending on their shape, were used for various types of bottles, containers, and other utilitarian purposes. Philip Wynne, a Mashpee Wampanoag, will be on hand to carve gourds into their apparent purpose, and then decorate them with incised and painted designs. Don’t miss this beautiful art form.

On Saturday, October 6, there will be a Wampanoag Beadwork Demonstration from 11 am to 4 pm. Aquinnah tribal member Trudie Vanderhoop Garvin will be at the ACC to do a traditional beadwork demonstration, displaying a variety of beaded jewelry. Trudie often incorporates scallop and other native shells into her work.

So, I’m not sure if you have heard about the Arts Martha’s Vineyard, Fall for the Arts Festival? Throughout the month of October there will be different events, exhibits and talks around the Island focusing on the Arts and their role in our community culminating in an Arts Festival/Celebration over the last weekend in October at the Harbor View Hotel in Edgartown. The Martha’s Vineyard Museum will open some of their properties for Island artists to participate in a series of plein air sessions. (Plein air is a French expression that translates to “open air” and is often used to describe the act of painting outdoors.) In addition to paintings, the Museum is encouraging the creation of poetry, photography, and music inspired by the beautiful views. The first one will take place this weekend, October 6-8, at the Gay Head Lighthouse from 12 noon to 5 pm. So grab some brushes, or a pen, or a guitar, or whatever your medium is and come on up. There is no admission fee. You can see all of the events for the month at

In view of the Columbus Day holiday, the next blood pressure clinic will be on October 18 from 2 to 3 pm in the Aquinnah Town Hall. Free and open to all Aquinnah residents. If you have any questions, contact the town nurse, Mary McLaughlin, RN, at 781-534-2543.

The MV Center for Living will start up its cultural luncheon series again this month. On Saturday, October 20, at noon, the featured speaker is David R. White, Executive and Artistic Director of The Yard. The luncheons will be held at The Grill on Main in Edgartown. You can purchase tickets from June Manning.

The American Heroes Saltwater Challenge was last week, a great event sponsored by Bob and Sarah Nixon, where veterans get to compete in our fishing derby as guests and are hosted by the Nixons while they are here. Both Buddy and Chip Vanderhoop chartered boats for the veterans.

The Derby continues. Depending on who you talk to the fishing is either, “Great, just caught a huge one” or “Terrible, nothing out there.” I’ve learned while living here not to take what fishermen say as the whole truth. I think they just tell us what they want us to know.