Another holiday weekend is upon us, so get ready for those visitors to arrive by the literal boatload. I’m pretty excited that among them will be my sis and her kids, who I was lucky to have around all summer long, and now with them back in New York, it’s like a tiny piece of my heart is missing. Love those little ones.

Speaking of my beloved family, I can’t believe I missed Ellie Dolby’s birthday. I am a terrible excuse for an aunt. Ellie turned ten on September 28 — that’s right, official double digits. Ellie celebrated with a pizza party at Edgartown Pizza with her best buds, followed by a night with no bedtime. Here’s to another year of sparkly boots, snuggly stuffed animals, and ice cream cones and all those things you love.

It was a full-on week of nonstop birthday fun in the Beeson household, with Connor turning four on September 29 and Dylan turning one on October 1. That’s a lot of balloons under one roof. Hope you guys had a great time.

In Derby news, the weigh-in was packed last week: in addition to the usual bustle, the Derby hosted participants of the 2012 American Heroes Saltwater Challenge, sponsored by the Beach Plum and Menemsha Inns, inviting wounded warriors from Walter Reed Medical Center and their families for an expense-free week of fishing, food, and gratitude. This is the fourth year of the Challenge. What an awesome way to say thank you to our servicemen and women.

Also, Derby folks: Tim Scott has been catching a lot of fish, and he promised me one, so if you see him around, please give him a nudge to deliver on that promise. Thanks!

Where has Hilary Grannis been? you ask. This weekend, Hilary partook of the Winnetu’s deal in which Islanders could hop on the Hy-Line ferry to Nantucket and stay in their hotel there for the price of dinner. Joined by Greer Thornton, Nonnie Garvin, Heather Hunt, Katie Doll, and Tom, Jen and Grace O’Hanlon, the crew made it to the Boarding House on the other island in time to catch the “good half” of the Patriots game. After that, I’m guessing the wacky hijinks took a turn for the NSFC (Not Safe For Column).

The Edgartown Library calendar is filling up with great off-season workshops and events, leading off Friday, October 5, with a beginners’ knitting class. For four consecutive Fridays, from 10:30 to 11:30 am, learn the basics of knitting such as casting stitches on and off, basic stitches, and how to increase and decrease stitches.

Also on the agenda for Friday, October 5, is an Autumn Leaf Wreath Craft. Make a pretty fall decoration for a friend or for your own home. This drop-in craft session will take place from 1 to 4 pm, perfect times for home-school families and after-school youngsters who enjoy craft projects. For more info, visit the library’s web site, edgartownlibrary.org.

Happy birthday to Andrea Dello Russo, who celebrates October 5. May your day be filled with spontaneous dancing, raucous laughter, and children’s smiles.