Re-evaluation in order for Vision Fellowship


To the Editor:

The Martha’s Vineyard Vision Fellowship is concluding its sixth successful year of investing in people and organizations on the Island. A series of wonderful individuals and non-profits have helped to launch this program and to create an alumnae network of activists working towards sustainability in the fields of education, environment, energy, local agriculture, shellfish restoration, violence prevention, green building, support of the Wampanoag tribal efforts and more. The founders are proud of the tremendous progress of the program.

At this juncture, we see an important opportunity for a re-evaluation of the fellowship’s strategies, structure, and leadership. For these reasons, we have decided to review and reorganize the fellowship’s priorities. All ongoing funding commitments will be honored, and new grants to incoming fellows are not anticipated at this time. We are beginning the process of interviewing an Island-based half-time program director with experience in Island culture.

Huge thanks to everyone who has contributed to the vibrancy and success of the program. We look forward to this next phase in the fellowship’s growth and evolution.

Jerry and Nancy Kohlberg

Pam Kohlberg

Karen Davis

The Martha’s Vineyard Vision Fellowship

Mount Kisco, New York