Bird, deer hunting seasons begin


Island hunters will have plenty of opportunities to bag game with the start of the Massachusetts hunting season. Duck hunting season begins Saturday. Deer hunting season begins on Monday.

The one-week early duck hunting season begins one half hour before sunrise on Saturday, October 13 and ends at sunset on Saturday, October 20. Waterfowlers will next have an opportunity during the winter season, from November 21 to January 21.

The deer hunting season begins with the six-week archery season that runs from Monday, October 15, to Saturday, November 24. In 2011, Island archers took a record 214 deer.

Mass Wildlife deer project leader David Stainbrook said that 2011 was the highest deer harvest on record for the statewide archery season. Mr. Stainbrook said archery is a vital management tool, particularly in suburban areas where deer densities are higher due to limited hunting access.

The two-week deer shotgun season is November 26 to December 8. The muzzle loader season begins December 10 and ends December 31.

Non-hunters are advised to wear blaze orange and exercise caution at dawn and dusk in areas where hunters may be present.