Craig’s Bicycles sold to Frank Jennings of Edgartown Bikes

Craig Hockmeyer in front of his Vineyard Haven bicycle shop is ready to embark for Hawaii. — Photo courtesy of Craig Hockmeyer

Craig Hockmeyer, owner of Craig’s Bicycles in Vineyard Haven, has worked out a tentative agreement to sell his business to Frank Jennings, owner of Edgartown Bikes, according to both businessmen.

Mr. Hockmeyer has run the shop for 13 years as a seasonal business. Mr. Jennings told The Times he intends to stay open year-round in the Vineyard Haven location.

Mr. Hockmeyer said he expects Mr. Jennings will provide the same level of service or better that he provided and he thanks all of his customers and employees for their support over the years.

Mr. Hockmeyer said he is “suffering from retail burnout.” His last day of business was Monday, Columbus Day.

Mr. Hockmeyer has been in the bike business for more than 25 years. One of his first jobs in the bike business was working for Borg’s Bikes in Edgartown in 1977. He previously worked for Mr. Jennings and at Cycleworks in Vineyard Haven before striking out on his own.

Mr. Hockmeyer said he plans to pursue his many other interests, including TV production work in Hawaii, and the building and real estate businesses. He will continue to divide his time between Hawaii and the Vineyard and said he will be available in the spring if Mr. Jennings needs his help.